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《Unit2 I think that mooncakes are delicious!》Grammar Focus课例研修

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Unit2 I think that mooncakes are delicious!Grammar Focus


初三英语组 王立敏 裕华区教研室 甄金玲


1.教材分析。这是人教版九年级英语第二单元,话题是谈论节日,目标语言是使用由that, ifwhether引导的宾语从句的语言结构对某个问题进行评价。此课时为一节语法新授课,所以确定本课时的教学重点和难点在于灵活和恰当的使用由that, ifwhether引导的宾语从句的语言结构。






Before class: Listen to the song have a good time to create an English environment.

Step 1: Greetings. (Greet the students happily and draw the students’ attention.)

T: Class begins!

S: Stand up!

T: Hello, boys and girls.

Ss: Hello, Dragon.

T: How are you today?

Ss: I’m fine. Thank you, and you?

T: I’m fine. Thank you. Sit down, please. Today, we’re going to talk about festivals. Now, have a guessing game and guess the festivals according to the pictures.

Step 2: Guessing game. (Guess the festivals according to the pictures and Learn to use the objective clauses like “I think that… I believe that…”)

T: Look at the pictures. What festival is it? What can you do on that day? The sentences “ I think that it’s…” and “ I believe that we can …” can help you.

S: I think that it’s the Spring Festival. I believe that we can eat dumplings.

S: I think that it’s the Spring Festival. I believe that we can play fireworks.

S: I think that it’s the Spring Festival. I believe that we can get lucky money.

T: On that day, you must get lots of lucky money. And how about this festival.

S: I guess that it’s the Dragon Boat Festival. I believe that we can eat Zongzi.

S: I guess that it’s the Dragon Boat Festival. I believe that we can have a boat race game.

T: On that day, we have three days off. Right? How about this one?

S: I think that it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival. I believe we can enjoy mooncakes.

S: I think that it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival. I believe we can admire the beautiful moon.

T: And what is the most important thing on that day?

S: We can eat dinner with our family.

T: That’s right. On that day, we usually stay with our family, your father and mother. And Do you know… Is there any special days for your parents?

Ss: Mothers Day Fathers Day.

T: Good. What can you do for your parents on that day?

S: I believe that I can cook food and do housework for them.

T: I think you are a good daughter.

S: I believe that I can buy flowers for my mom.

S: I believe that I can

T: You are so great! So do you know when Mothers Day or Fathers Day is ? And what do American children do on these two days?

OK. Let’s read the passage on Page12 and answer the questions.

Step 3: Grammar

1. Read and answer the questions

T: Have you got the answers?

Ss: Yes.

T: Look at No. 1

S: Mother’s Day is on the second Sunday of May. And Father’s Day is on the third Sunday of June.

T: Excellent. Look at No. 2

S: On these two days, American children often give gifts to their parents or take them out for lunch or dinner.

T: Correct. So what gifts for their parents?

SsFlowers or cards are for mothers and shirts or ties are for fathers.

T: Your parents must like your gifts on that day. Now read the passage again and complete the sentences. Come on! Who can help me to finish?

Ss: Do you know that there are two special days for parents in America? I heard that it’s becoming more and more popular to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in China.

I wonder if/whether children over there also give the same gifts to their parents.

I believe that there are many ways to show our love.

2. Read and get the objective clauses ( Learn to find and know what objective clauses are. By discussing, help students know much more about objective clauses.)

T: Let’s read the sentences together.

Ss: …

T: Great! What kind of sentences are they?

Ss: They are Objective clauses.

T: So what is the Objective clause? How much do you know about it? OK. Look at the sentences again and discuss in your group. Who knows?

Ss: Conjunction words; Tense; word order.

T: All right. Let’s put two parts into one. Have a try!

Ss: I know that they will have races again next year.

I wonder if/whether June is a good time to visit Hong Kong.

T: You did a good job. Let’s come to see some conjunction words. And complete the sentences using conjunction words: that/ if / whether.

3. Practice using the conjunctions. (Use the conjunctions properly, especially the differences between “if” and “whether”.)

Ss: Tom’s mother wanted to know that there was anything wrong with the window.

The shop assistant asked my father whether or not he wanted to buy a tie.

I don’t know whether to go or stay.

It depends on whether Mary has free time.

The teacher told us that the earth moves around the sun.

T: Some of them may be a little difficult. But some tips for you may be helpful: whether or not, whether to do, on whether and that for statement.

OK. Let’s work in group. Read the sentences and find out the rules in groups.

4. Practice using the proper tense and find out the rules.

T: You did a good job. Small tense tips can help you a lot, “主过从过,主现从需,事实除外”. OK. Lets do some exercises to practice using the tense properly.

5. Finish some exercises

T: Since we know some about the objective clauses, lets challenge yourself. Every year, in the Entrance Examination we always meet the same questions. Tips for you, “宾语从句三注意,连词时态和语序”.

Step 4: Write and Share

T: Just now we read an e-mail from June. Now, please help Xia Yu finish his e-mail to June. Please use as many objective clauses as you can.

Ss: Dear June,

I heard that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are the special days for parents in America. You know it’s becoming more and more popular to celebrate them in China. I think that we will give similar gifts to them. I believe there are many ways to show our love. I wonder whether it is a good idea to wash feet for them or not  on these two days  (我想大家会给他们相似的礼物。我相信有多种方法表达大家的爱,我想知道这两天为他们洗脚是否是个好主意……)

Step 5: Homework

T: Today, we talked about festivals and learn to use the objective clauses to show your ideas. And what other festivals do you know? So have-to-do homework for today is to write an article entitled “ My Favorite Festival”. And try to collect some information about Halloween and Christmas.

Today, I’m very proud of you. You did a good job. Thank you for your cooperation. So much for today. Class is over! Goodbye!

Ss: Goodbye. Thank you!





第三,课程实施过程中,对于课堂节奏的把握上灵活调整是课程目标实现的保证。教师在教学中要努力做到“收 ”与“放”的结合,收放自如是优秀教师的课堂中所追求的境界。在本课时中就出现了前松后紧的现象,一定程度上影响了目标的达成,这也是大家今后努力修正的地方。


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